Maura's Cafe
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Salads available in half or whole

Garden Goddess

Fresh raw beets,carrots,avocado,cucumber,clover sprouts,ripe tomatoes,red onion,tamari roasted pumpkin seeds, with sweet basil vinaigrette. 9.95/13.95

Warm Spinach

Tossed with bacon and sauteed mushrooms, red onion,buttermilk blue cheese with a lavender maple vinaigrette 9.95/13.95

Thai Shrimp

Wild shrimp, ripe tomato, red onion,carrots,cilantro,red pepper, pickled red cabbage-spicy cashews with a chili lime vinaigrette 10.95/14.95

Classic Cobb

Fresh veggies,warm bacon,marinated chicken breast,avocado,soft boiled local eggs,buttermilk blue cheese with farmhouse dressing 10.95/14.95

The Greek

Tossed, roasted sweet peppers, oven roasted tomatoes, feta, ripe tomato, cucumber kalamata olives,fresh dill, house croutons-drizzled with balsamic reduction and Spanish olive oil 9.95/13.95


Includes house-baked sourdough baguette.

Our soups are always gluten free

Soup of the Day

ask your server about our chef’s daily special 4.95/6.95

Tomato Basil Bisque

Rich and creamy served with a pesto swirl 4.95/6.95

Deli Sandwiches-served on freshly baked french or try a gluten free thai style wrapper

Includes your choice of organic green salad, pesto pasta salad,

Alaskan kettle chips

upgrade to a side of soup for an additional 1.00

Smokey Gobbler

Smoked Turkey, provolone, roasted sweet peppers, red onion tomatoes, organic green-red pepper aioli and french mustard 9/13

Green Submarine

Layers of fresh veggies, ripe avocado, clover sprouts, drizzled with pesto and red pepper aioli, choice of cheese: cheddar, provolone, swiss or cream cheese 9/13

Hass and Shrimp

Wild Shrimp, Hass avocado,herbed cream cheese, pesto, cucumber, ripe tomato,red onion, and organic greens 9/13

Painted Lady

House made curried chicken salad, fresh arugala, mango chutney, red onion. 9/13

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Hot Sandwiches Griddled or from the broiler

Busty Lusty

Marinated chicken breast, apple wood smoked bacon, baby spinach,oven roasted tomatoes melted provolone, french mustard and red pepper aioli 9.95/13.95

Fat Italian Rueben

Italian pastrami, caramelized onions, sweet peppers, picked red cabbage,ripe tomatoes with french mustard and red pepper aioli. 9.95/13.95

The Beast

Roast Beef, caramelized onions melted cheddar or blue cheese, ripe tomatoes, greens with horseradish mayo and french mustard. 9.95/13.95

The Vermonter

A hat tip to Maura's home state, cobb smoked ham, caramelized onions, organic apples,melted aged white cheddar, honey mustard and mayo 9.95/13.95

Salmon Burger

House-made sockeye salmon burger with ripe tomatoes, red onion,capers, garlic aioli, and french mustard on a freshly baked kaiser roll 13.95

Stella Vera

Open faced with layers of roasted and fresh veggies topped with toasted brie and drizzled with pesto 13.95

Croque Madame

Open faced, cobb smoked ham, oven roasted tomatoes, spicy arugala, two eggs over easy and gruyere melted to perfection 13.95

Sides/and add ons

House Salad 5.95

Salmon Cakes 4.95

Chicken Salad 4.95

Chicken Breast 4.95

Blue cheese crumbles 2.00

Avocado 1.00

Side of olives 3.00

Pesto Pasta Salad 3.00

Sourdough bread and butter 3.00